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Home Theater Essentials

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Looking for entertainment without leaving home? Thanks to streaming, watching movies and television shows are now more accessible than ever, and a home theater system has the potential to provide you a theatrical experience from the comfort of your home. Sound like a big project? A home theater is more than a comfy couch and a big screen. However, a home theater system is easier to assemble than you may think. Where to begin? Let's take a look at the essential components. 

Dedicated Space You may find it to your advantage to have a dedicated space for your home theater. Potential spaces could be a basement, a living room, or a spare room. Darkness is key to a home theater experience, so you may want to consider a room devoid of windows or be willing to drape dark curtains over existing windows. A room that allows for comfortable seating with enough distance from your screen is also ideal. 

Projector You may find yourself debating between a projector or a nice television; either one can provide a great viewing experience. A projector produces a larger image, depending on the distance it is mounted from a screen. You may find that projector is less expensive than a TV. Conversely, a TV will provide better picture resolution but can potentially be more expensive, depending on the model.

Screen Bear in mind that, if you get a projector, you will need a screen. Screens vary in size, but you will need a dedicated space to mount them on. Most screens are retractable, so it doesn't have to be rolled down all the time. Consider, a screen and projector may lend itself to a more "theatrical" display and experience.  

Receiver  A receiver is essential to a home theater system. Think of the receiver as the brain of your home theater. Everything is connected to the receiver, such as speakers, a Blu-Ray player, a game console, etc. The receiver is a hub of connections that accepts and processes the sounds to play through the speakers. The receiver plays an important role in the system, so you may want to consider it as a priority when making home theater investments. 

Speakers Whether you end up with a projector screen or a TV, a speaker system is also a key component to your home theater construction and experience. You don't have to break the bank for quality; with the proper placement of speakers, you can set up a surround sound experience. Typically, a "5.1" system, with one set up of six speakers has the potential to yield a quality sound. 

With a few basic components, you can transform your home into a private movie theater and customize it according to your budget.