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Photos, Videos or Text: What Will Engage Your Social Media Audience Best?

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In business today, anybody who is somebody is on social media. With over 2 billion users of Facebook alone, there's never been an opportunity like this before. Like most modern day businesses, you want to tap into the huge potential market presented by social media.

It's not enough to just be on social media. There is a lot of stuff on social media and you will only get the attention you need if your posts stand out. Business social media creation involves packaging your content in such a way that it attracts and engages your target audience. So should you use text, videos or photos?


Peoples' attention span is short and becoming even shorter with the growth of digital content; plus there are tons of articles competing for their attention. People just don't have the time to read lengthy text. You want to be fast and concise.

On screen reading is already hard as it is. If people have to struggle to get information, they'll simply move on. That is not to say you cannot use text. It only means that to be more effective, you need to supplement text with visual content.

Visual content resonates with how humans process information. Research shows that a huge proportion of information the human brain receives is processed through the visual medium.


Photos will increase the visibility of your text. So, use photos to attract your audience. You can also use photos to break your text. This makes your audience likely to read your text to the end. Use clear attractive photos, preferably your own creations.


Videos are hugely attractive. They actually drive audiences more than any other type of creation. You could create a video in the form of a demonstration or a testimonial of your product. Promotional video production is well worth the money and time if you can find an angle that's impossible to express in another format.

Infographics & Presentations

These are popular as they capture a lot of information in one post and are easy to read. There are a lot of online resources you can use for this. Pay attention to layout, shapes, colors and font. Also make sure your information is accurate and the sources reliable.

Presentations are ideal for lengthier content that cannot be contained in infographics. Make them rich, fun and appealing.

If you want your social media posts to stand out, include visual content. Videos have the greatest impact. Images and infographics can be used alone or to complement text. For greater impact, make sure your content is useful and resonates with your audience.