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3 Options For Mobile Broadcasting

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Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular across all types of media. Ideally, you would always be able to do your live streaming from your studio where all of your equipment is, but there are situations that call for remote broadcasting. For example, covering local political events, sports, music festivals, extreme weather, and local activities can all require that you report from the field. Luckily, there are several options when it comes to remote broadcasting. Continue reading to learn more about the different ways you can live stream from the field:

Link via Ethernet by Running a Line from a Local Business

Whether your live stream will take place inside a building with Internet access or near one, you can always opt to link up your live stream by using an ethernet line that is plugged into the building's Internet network. An ethernet line can maintain a good Internet connection for a few hundred feet, so this may be a good option if you are not located too far from a place to plug in your line. This method of remote broadcasting is usually also the least expensive option, so keep it in mind if you are on a tight budget.

Create a Mobile Hotspot

There may be many situations where you are not able to plug into the Internet via an ethernet line. In these types of situations, you may want to consider turning your cell phone into a mobile hotspot and using it to broadcast your live stream. While this method of mobile broadcasting can work in a pinch, it is also the least reliable. If you're in an area with a lot of people that are all pulling data signals from the same cell phone tower, your cell phone hotspot may not be fast enough to broadcast your live stream.

Rent a Satellite Uplink Truck

If your live stream is going to be shown on the web as well as on network television, your best bet for mobile broadcasting is renting a satellite uplink truck. Using a satellite uplink truck is by far the most reliable form of mobile broadcasting. In most cases, the price of renting a satellite uplink truck also includes a driver and a technician that coordinates the equipment and sends your signal via satellite. The satellite signal used by satellite trucks is very strong and fast, so you can count on your live stream being delivered almost instantaneously. 

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