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3 Things You Can Use A Sewer Camera Rental For

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Whether you are a homeowner that wants to solve plumbing problems on his own or you are a plumbing professional that is looking for an innovative and efficient way to solve sewer-related issues, there is one particular tool that can almost always prove to be useful: the sewer camera. While you can buy one, especially if you run your own business and use it more frequently, you can also rent a sewer camera, which is the wiser option if you're a homeowner and won't need it often. Here are a few specific things that you will be able to use a sewer camera for:

1. Pinpoint the Location of a Clog or Damaged Area of a Pipe.

When it comes to a clog or damaged section of pipe, a sewer camera can be particularly beneficial in pinpointing the exact location of these problems. So, if you suspect that you have tree roots invading your pipes or your toilet is completely backed up, a sewer camera has the ability to locate the exact location of the clog or intrusion. Without the camera, though, you will find that you will waste a lot of time trying to find the problem and may even tear up unnecessary areas of your yard or home in the process.

2. Confirm a Clog Has Successfully Been Removed.

Speaking of clogs, you can also use a sewer camera to verify that a clog has indeed been removed from your sewer line. After all, you can't see in your pipes yourself, so you have no idea whether or not you have actually cleared the clog completely. Instead, you just know that things are running more smoothly inside the home, such as the bathtub is draining faster or the toilet isn't overflowing any longer. However, by sending a camera through the sewer line, you will be able to see for yourself that the clog has been removed in its entirety. 

3. Find Hidden Pipes.

When it comes to sewer systems, they are notorious for having pipes here, there and everywhere. It is not incredibly easy to locate all of these pipes. However, with the assistance of a sewer camera rental, it is must easier to locate and identify all of the underground and in-wall pipes -- all without ever having to demolish any section of your home's walls or dig up any part of your yard to search for sewer pipes.  

When you have a sewer or plumbing problem, rent a sewer camera from a place like USA Borescopes and try your hand and solving the problem on your own before calling in the professionals.