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Why You Should Hire Your Own Professional A/V Help Instead Of Using The Hotel Or Conference Center's In-House Options

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If your company is planning on holding an event or company conference at a local hotel or another venue where conference space is available, one of the first things the event staff at the venue might try and sell you on is renting the hotel's own A/V equipment or using their own event staff to help you with your A/V presentation. This might seem convenient, but you are not required to use their in-house A/V setup in order to use the actual venue space. A better option might be to reserve the venue space but then hire an outside firm that specializes in nothing but A/V company services. Here's why going with professional-grade A/V help might be the right choice for your event.

Access to the Latest or the Best Possible Equipment

When you the hotel's in-house A/V set up, you might be renting equipment that's been used hundreds of times by others, and some of it might have been sitting in the venue's A/V closet for years. If you want to provide the best possible audio and video for your event, you are going to need the latest and greatest equipment. Whether that's the ability to show off 4K or 8K video or to flood the entire room with top-of-the-line surround sound, an outside and dedicated A/V company is likely to have all of the latest tech that you want.

Attention to Detail Can Elevate Your Event to the Next Level

When you hire a dedicated A/V company, they'll likely ask you questions about your presentation or event and pick the exact right setup to meet your needs. They may also provide a dedicated staffer to stay on-site and ensure your presentation goes exactly as you want it to. Maybe there's an additional touch or two they can add to the lighting or the sound presentation setup to keep everything in sync or to help you call extra attention to a specific part of the event. You are less likely to get this additional attention to detail from the venue's event staff, as they are more likely experts on the venue itself and not necessarily the A/V equipment you are trying to set up.

Will the Hotel Staff Know How to Troubleshoot If Something Goes Wrong?

If something goes wrong during the presentation, your dedicated A/V professional will know exactly what to do. Compare that with a hotel worker or event venue employee who might not have used the A/V equipment in question in the past.

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